BBC Radio Scotland: Newsdrive

  • Andrea Teti (Interviewee)

Activity: Disseminating Research Media / Social Media


ArabTrans Project director Dr Andrea Teti apoke to Mhairi Stewart on BBC Scotland's premier drivetime programme, Radio Scotland Newsdrive. Dr Teti analyses the precarious position of Coptic Christians in Egypt, caught between the regime's failure to prevent violence against them, and their unwillingness to do anything about the causes of that violence. Nearly six years after the 'January Revolution' of 2011, the country's economic, social and political divides are as sharp as ever, and the government is still unwilling or unable to address the causes of people's frustration. Instead, the regime fans the flames of sectarianism, hoping security scares and nationalism will provide a legitimacy it sorely lacks.
Period12 Dec 2016
Held atBBC, United Kingdom
Degree of RecognitionRegional


  • Egypt
  • terrorism
  • Social Justice
  • Arab Spring
  • Arab Uprisings