Boundary integral equations for systems of interface cracks under dynamic loading: effects of the cracks’ closure

Activity: Disseminating Research Presentation


Oral presentation delivered at the 11th European Solid Mechanics Conference


The European Solid Mechanics Conference is the major event for the solid mechanics community in Europe, and provides a unique forum for scientists and engineers from Europe and across the world to exchange ideas on the current state-of-the-art in the mechanics of solids, on new concepts and ideas and to identify new research directions.

Solid mechanics is the bedrock of engineering design in areas such as mechanical engineering, civil and structural engineering, and biomedical engineering. It is a critically important element in the design and development of almost all technologies and products in these areas, such as aircraft, automobiles, buildings, bridges, and medical implants and devices. Further, solid mechanics is a key enabler in the development of new technologies that address the major global challenges of our time in sustainability, renewable energy and health.

The first European Solid Mechanics Conference was held in Munich in 1991. This very successful conference initiated a tri-annual series with subsequent conferences held in Genova, Stockholm, Metz, Thessaloniki, Budapest, Lisbon, Graz, Madrid and Bologna. The 11th European Solid Mechanics Conference will take place at the National University of Ireland Galway, in the city of Galway, Ireland.

We have assembled an outstanding group of invited lecturers for the conference, covering the General Lecture and five Plenary Lectures.

The conference is organised in terms of the following eight themes:
Mechanics of Materials
Biomechanics and Medical Implants
Continuum Mechanics
Experimental Mechanics
Computational Mechanics
Dynamics, Waves and Metamaterials
Structural Mechanics
Multiphysics and Multiscale Problems

There is a General Session for each theme and over fifty Mini-Symposia that cover a range of specialised topics, grouped under each theme.
Period4 Jul 20228 Jul 2022
Event title11th European Solid Mechanics Conference
Event typeConference
Conference number11
LocationGalway, IrelandShow on map
Degree of RecognitionInternational