Cities of the Future: Living Together

Activity: Disseminating Research Exhibition/Festival


Art exhibition


Art exhibition part of the C&C 2022 conference on Creativity and Cognition:
This year’s exhibition explores ways in which citizens can participate in new cross-disciplinary forms of creative engagement with the major challenges that cities face. A profound act of imagination that is needed to envision viable alternatives to the status quo.

Venice can become one of the model cities of the future. Despite being uniquely exposed to many of the challenges faced by modern cities, it also embodies a different way of thinking and being. A way that is directly opposed to the loss of sociality – a festering wound of the megalopolis.

Venice has been a uniquely social city ever since its heyday in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. Being traffic-free, Venice encourages its people to walk everywhere and experience the city by water. Distances are shorter, everything is closer, and the people friendlier. The city’s labyrinth of narrow side streets (calli) and bridges offers opportunities to meet each other serendipitously, greet and talk.

As a consequence, Venice offers almost unique forms of ordered and chaotic co-living, enabling and encouraging co-creation amidst its art, architecture, businesses and craftsmanship. Furthermore, due to its medieval infrastructure, the pace of life and work in Venice is slower, a quality that can foster more effective incubation, reflection and creation.

This exhibition explores new forms of cross-discipline engagement with cities under threat from a multitude of challenges. It presents interactive artworks and conceptual experiments from art, computer science and design that provoke citizens and others to challenge and reflect on cities of the future, taking Venice as a possible model.

The exhibition also encourages its visitors to direct their emotions, reflections, and ideas from the exhibits to forming and developing approaches to improving cities we live in and visit. To support this, facilitators will combine digital and analogue technologies to provoke both synchronous and asynchronous collaborations across a range of stakeholders.
Period21 Jun 202225 Jun 2022
Event titleCities of the Future: Living Together
Event typeExhibition
LocationVenice, ItalyShow on map
Degree of RecognitionInternational