Executive Guest Speaker Series: Anika Christophe, Board Member at Deutsche Leasing

Activity: Disseminating Research Workshop, Seminar or Course


Topic: A global mindset in today’s new normal


Anika Christophe, Head of Global Risk at Deutsche Leasing Gruppe (DL) provided a talk on ‘A Global Mindset for 2022’.

Anika has enjoyed an extensive career that has scene her working across 4 continents. Prior to assuming Head of Global Risk at Deutsche Leasing, she was CEO for Deutsche Leasing in mainland China. Covid-19 has had radical impact on the global economy and financial markets. Via her position as Head of Global Risk at Germany’s largest financial leasing organisation, Anika has observed several new trends which may impact how things are done in the future.

The event included discussion around a range of cultural and current affairs topics, and provided the opportunity for participants to raise questions regarding developments in the world today.
Period18 Jan 202230 Dec 2022
Event titleExecutive Guest Speaker Series
Event typeSeminar