Impact loading of interface cracks: effects of cracks' closure and friction

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The brittle or ductile failure in materials are crucial limiting factors in engineering design. Ever increasing demand for materials with contradicting properties such as high strength and high ductility makes it vital to develop tools that can predict failure phenomenon. The aim of the 2nd International Workshop on "Plasticity, Damage and Fracture" of Engineering Materials is to discuss recent progress in the fields of plasticity, damage, and fracture mechanics. The workshop is organized by the Middle East Technical University, and will be held virtually on 18-20 August 2021 in Ankara, Turkey. Live and pre-recorded presentation options will be given to the participants. Both computational and experimental studies are within the scope of the workshop, which will focus on a better understanding of how the material microstructure, loading and environmental conditions affect deformation, degradation and failure of engineering materials. The studies including novel engineering approaches in plasticity, damage, and fracture will also be welcomed. The workshop intends to provide an open platform for discussion on new directions in prediction and prevention of failure of engineering materials. The meeting is supported by ESIS (European Structural Integrity Society) and regarded as one of its local events.
Period18 Aug 202120 Aug 2021
Event title2nd International Workshop on Plasticity, Damage and Fracture of Engineering Materials
Event typeWorkshop
Conference number2
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