MAEER’s Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT) Group of Institutions

Activity: Academic activities - External/InternalAcademic Collaboration


MIT World Peace university (MIT WPU),
MIT Art, Design and Technology University,
MIT College of Engineering University

International collaboration with MAEER’s MIT group of Universities (MIT World Peace University, MIT Academy of Engineering and MIT University of Art Design and Technology), India; for student exchanges programme; with guidance from Professor Igor Guz (HoS) and professor Ana Ivanovic (Internationalisation Director)


Initiated, established and further fortified International academic collaboration efforts.

Further Discussions were held with MITWPU, Pune for Summer School 2020 (petroleum and chemical engineering, 3 weeks each), which may have resulted in the business of more than £200K about 120 students. However this activity could not take place due to covid 19 pandemic.

I am pleased that I have been able to engaged the school of engineering in this significant international collaboration activity.
Period8 Oct 201810 Oct 2018
VisitingMAEER’s Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT) Group of Institutions
Degree of RecognitionInternational