Panel discussion for World Antibiotic Awareness Week

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Webinar with Q&A Script: Panel discussion for World Antibiotic Awareness Week SLIDE 1: Title Hello everyone and welcome to today’s panel discussion brought to you by Infectious Diseases Hub. SLIDE 2: Intro I’m Martha Powell, the Senior Editor of Infectious Diseases Hub and I’ll be your host for today’s event. In line with World Antibiotic Awareness Week this week, we’ll be speaking with our fantastic panel about all things antimicrobial resistance, including antimicrobial stewardship, new research and future perspectives on the field. You can submit your own questions throughout the discussion using the Q&A tool on the right-hand side of your screen, and hopefully we’ll get the chance to put some of your questions to the panel later. SLIDE 3: Panelists So, I am delighted to introduce our panelists today: - Ed Septimus from Texas A&M College of Medicine - Elizabeth Dodds Ashley from Duke University - Jessica Blair from the University of Birmingham - Magdalena Rzewuska from the University of Aberdeen - And Scott McEwen from the University of Guelph First of all, could you each introduce yourself and just give us a bit of background regarding the area of antimicrobial resistance research you are involved in? Ed, let’s start with you… a. Ed b. Libby c. Magda d. Scott e. Jess [approximately 1 minute each] Thank you to all of our panel for joining us today. Now let’s kick off with some questions, and just to remind you if you’re listening you can also submit queries for our panel using the Q&A tool on your control panel. [Note – In the following section I will address the questions to the people listed below each query and call on the panelists in the order given. To allow time for audience questions, we suggest keeping your answers to approximately 2 minutes or under.] SLIDES 4–18: Pre-planned questions Our first topic is regarding antimicrobial stewardship, and our first question is…. 1. What role do you think leadership plays in promoting antimicrobial stewardship? a. Ed b. Libby 2. Are different strategies needed in high-resource and lower-resource countries? a. Magda b. Libby c. Scott 3. How do you think we can effectively communicate the issues surrounding AMR? a. Scott b. Magda 4. What knowledge/training do healthcare professionals/the public need to make a difference? a. Libby b. Scott 5. How important are rapid diagnostics and susceptibility testing? a. Ed b. Scott 6. What is the major challenge currently facing antibiotic stewardship? a. Libby b. Ed c. Magda Fantastic, thank you for all your fantastic insights! Next, we’ll focus on more of a research perspective. First, 7. How can we better understand the dynamics and epidemiology of resistant strains? a. Jess 8. How important do you think a 'One Health' approach is in combating AMR? a. Scott b. Ed 9. What difference might new combinations of antibiotics make in the clinic? a. Libby 10. Do you think more research is needed on understanding resistance mechanisms and their acquisition? a. Jess 11. Much of the AMR focus is on bacterial resistance, could you also comment on resistance in fungi and parasites? a. Jess 12. What research do you think needs to be done in the next 5–10 years in this field? a. Magda Thank you, Magda! Let’s continue the forward-looking perspective with our final few questions, 13. Could you comment on what action should be taken outside of healthcare, such as in agriculture? a. Scott 14. Are there any alternative treatment strategies you feel particularly optimistic about? e.g., phages, predatory bacteria etc. a. Jess b. Scott Before we move on to some audience questions, I have a final question for Scott, 15. If you could implement one AMR-based policy immediately and universally, what would this be? a. Scott SLIDE 19: Audience questions [Martha will then ask questions that have been submitted by the audience. If there are any topics you would like to discuss, you are welcome to submit your own questions either to Martha or Naomi before the event, during the practice session or in between your answers in the live event.] [Unless a panellist is specified in the audience question, Martha will try and ensure the questions are directed to appropriate people based on your expertise (listed below) as far as possible. She will also try to vary the order in which you are called upon, but this depends on the range of questions submitted. If you would like to add to an answer given by another panellist, please just begin talking after the first person has finished TOPICS a. Ed – translating effective strategies, applying diagnostic stewardship and clinical decision support for better prescribing, changing prescriber behavior b. Libby – appropriate use of anti-infective agents, antimicrobial stewardship, infectious diseases in the transplant population c. Magda – implementation science methods, complex healthcare needs that require a multidisciplinary team approach, stewardship d. Scott – antimicrobial use and resistance in bacteria from animals, their transmission to humans though food or other routes and the impact of this on human health e. Jess – molecular mechanisms of antibiotic resistance] SLIDE 20: I’m afraid that’s all we will have time for today, thank you to our panellists Ed, Libby, Scott, Magda and Jess for their time and insightful discussion. For more content covering all aspects of antimicrobial resistance you can head to Infectious Diseases Hub where we have all the latest news, in addition to exclusive opinion pieces and interviews from people in the field. You’ll also be able to find a recording of today’s event on the site if you missed any of it or if you would like to share it with colleagues! It leaves me to say thank you once again our panellists and also to you, our listeners for your interest and astute questions. I hope you’ve all enjoyed today’s panel discussion and we would be grateful if you can spend a couple of minutes completing our feedback survey located on the right of your screen! Thank you again and goodbye!


Dear Magdalena,

I hope this email finds you well. Just to briefly introduce myself, I am the Editor of Infectious Diseases Hub – an online resource for infectious diseases professionals.

We are currently seeking experts to contribute to a panel discussion that will run in line with World Antibiotic Awareness Week (11 – 18 November), focusing on antimicrobial resistance, antibiotic use and stewardship.

I was wondering if you would be interested in participating in our online panel discussion with a variety of experts? It would involve spending an hour answering questions on the topic and highlighting your work in the area to a global audience. As the panel discussion is a virtual event, (hosted on a webinar platform) there would be no travel involved.

The preliminary date for this event is November 15th at 3pm GMT and hopefully it’ll be a great way for people to pose their questions to a panel of experts and to raise some awareness around the week itself.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you,

Many thanks,

Martha Powell | Senior Editor, Infectious Diseases Hub
Period15 Nov 2019
Held atInfectious Diseases Hub , United Kingdom
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