Target and perceiver social category membership influence emotion perception.

Activity: Disseminating Research Presentation


Conference talk at the British Psychological Society 2018


The current investigation examined the influence of target and perceiver social category membership on emotion perception. Previous research has found people are better at recognising happy faces when they are female or white and angry faces when they are male or black; however, most of this research has been conducted with white female participants.
We asked equal numbers of female and male participants to categorise the emotions of happy and angry target faces that contextually differed in both race and sex. We found that women were better at recognising happy female/White faces and angry male/Black faces, whereas men showed an overall advantage for recognising happy faces. Crucially, these emotion recognition biases were influenced by social category context.
These results suggest that target and perceiver social category membership influence emotion perception and that the social category context in which faces are perceived plays a role in emotion recognition biases.
Period1 Aug 20183 Aug 2018
Held atThe British Psychological Society, United Kingdom