Using Bluepulse to Enhance Student Engagement and Empowerment

Activity: Disseminating Research Invited talk


Talk at the Bluenotes2 conference. (Liverpool)


We ‘know’ that students perform best when they are engaged with learning. But, to ‘know’ with any certainty, we need data. At the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, we have been using Bluepulse to engage with students and to monitor that engagement. Bluepulse has helped us to elicit student feedback during the delivery of our courses. Enabling our teachers to respond to student comments in real time has probably further reinforced student involvement and empowerment. Closing the feedback loop has helped to create conditions for dynamic feedback that have also enhanced staff engagement. Bluepulse has also provided a forum in which anonymity has allowed even the most reticent students to participate.

The data generated by staff-student interactions have been both quantitative and qualitative. Teachers are using this evidence to help them to focus their teaching efforts. We are also use the data to help managers to identify successful practice.
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