Values Based Leadership and Social Media for Business Leaders

  • Neil Douglas Roderick McLennan (Speaker)

Activity: Disseminating Research Invited talk


What is the purpose and impact of organisational values? And how do personal values and organisational values interact. Neil McLennan will lead a workshop looking at values within organisations before linking this to a recent popular blog post on the Business School website in which he asked:- “What is the role of a leader on Twitter?”

Both of these topics seem apt questions in an age of increasing digital communications. This is especially so, given the number of leaders who are engaging in social media. Twitter offers leaders many opportunities. The chance to publish, the chance to create and the chance to share widely their vision and values. However, the same tool that can be used for motivating and inspiring can be a source of discouragement and discontent if not used correctly.

In this workshop, Neil McLennan will discuss the power and the pitfalls of social media for leaders who would like to maximise the potential of these open communication channels to connect with employees.
Period3 Dec 2018
Held atBusiness School