What opportunities are there for introducing a food activism lens within the current educational system?

  • Kirsten Darling-McQuistan (Speaker)
  • Gray, D. (Speaker)
  • Laura Colucci-Gray (Speaker)
  • Stephen Day (Speaker)
  • Jonathan Hancock (Speaker)
  • Sarah-Jane Conrad (Speaker)

Activity: Disseminating Research Presentation




This symposium draws on a recently funded public engagement project ‘Food Activism in the Schoolyard’ set out to explore what can be learnt in education from current food justice movements. ‘Food activism’ is a multi-disciplinary term, focusing on ‘interrupting the patterns of unsustainable practices’, by: a. de-normalising food and agricultural practices which are taken for granted; b. de-colonialising food education by situating communities at the core of decision-making processes (Alkon and Guthman, 2017); c. de-commodifying food from a human-centric focus to a relational approach that values diversity and the interdependence between humans and non-humans. Four papers will report on findings from the project, examining the epistemological, methodological and curricular questions for bringing food activism into schools.
Period13 Sept 2021
Event titleBERA Annual Conference 2021
Event typeConference
Degree of RecognitionInternational