Vital lessons from the past for the youth of today

  • Neil Douglas Roderick McLennan

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In recent times much work has gone on into progressing early intervention strategies to benefit Scottish society and the economy. Historically it is interesting to look back at how, during the Enlightenment, "young people" in their 20s, 30s and early 40s were the drivers of growth, change, reform and thinking internationally. Scotland was a hub and breeding ground of the "young" intelligentsia and also of "do-ers" who rolled up their sleeves and tackled key issues head-on and with the enthusiasm of youth

A number of names spring to mind who would fall into this category Clark Maxwell, Walter Scott, Marie Curie to name but a few. David Hume published one of his greatest works, A Treatise on Human Nature, before reaching his 30s. James Watt was, arguably, the catalyst for the Industrial Revolution also in his 30s.

Period2 Nov 2015

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Media coverage