Aus rice root architecture variation contributing to grain yield under drought suggests a key role of nodal root diameter class

  • Qiong Liao (Creator)
  • Dmytro Chebotarov (Creator)
  • Mohammad S. Islam (International Rice Research Institute) (Creator)
  • Marinell R. Quintana (Creator)
  • Mignon A. Natividad (Creator)
  • Marjorie De Ocampo1 (Creator)
  • Joseph C. Beredo (Creator)
  • Rolando O. Torres (Creator)
  • Zhenhua Zhang (Creator)
  • Haixing Song (Creator)
  • Adam Price (Creator)
  • Kenneth L. McNally (Creator)
  • Amelia Henry (Creator)



The aus rice variety group originated in stress‐prone regions and is a promising source for the development of new stress‐tolerant rice cultivars. In this study, an aus panel (~220 genotypes) was evaluated in field trials under well‐watered and drought conditions and in the greenhouse (basket, herbicide and lysimeter studies) to investigate relationships between grain yield and root architecture, and to identify component root traits behind the composite trait of deep root growth. In the field trials, high and stable grain yield was positively related to high and stable deep root growth (r = 0.16), which may indicate response to within‐season soil moisture fluctuations (i.e., plasticity). When dissecting component traits related to deep root growth (including angle, elongation and branching), the number of nodal roots classified as 'large‐diameter' was positively related to deep root growth (r = 0.24), and showed the highest number of colocated genome‐wide association study (GWAS) peaks with grain yield under drought. The role of large‐diameter nodal roots in deep root growth may be related to their branching potential. Two candidate loci that colocated for yield and root traits were identified that showed distinct haplotype distributions between contrasting yield/stability groups and could be good candidates to contribute to rice improvement.

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Date made available2022
PublisherHarvard Dataverse


  • GWAS colocations
  • rice
  • root angle
  • root length
  • root plasticity
  • yield stability

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