GSE5091: Cell line stimulated with recombinant cytokines interleukin-1b and interferon gamma.



Interleukin 1b and interferon g are two cytokines that are central to the inflammatory response. They both have a broad range of activity, each directing the immune response to be towards either the innate response (IL-1b and IFN-g) or the cellular response (IFN-g), however invivo there is a lot of subtle interactions. Microarray analysis has been used to characterize the transcriptional response to recombinant rainbow trout IL-1b and IFN-g in a rainbow trout macrophage cell line RTS-11. The use of the cell line removes the host response and the interference of other cellular factors that occur when performing whole fish experiments, or even primary cultures. RNA was extracted from stimulated or control cells following 6h incubation, this was used to hybridize to a 16K v1 salmonid cDNA array constructed by GRASP consortium.

Keywords: Dual label cDNA microarray
Date made available16 Jun 2007

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