Drill-string Dynamics and Rock Mechanics Laboratory

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    This is the newest facility developed by the Centre for Applied Dynamics Research (CADR) and it hosts two set of rigs to investigate drill-string dynamics and rock mechanics.

    The drill-string rig is unique worldwide as it is capable to study all nonlinear and dangerous phenomena during drilling rock samples in contrast to other facilities which simulate the resulting loads. It operates in two configurations of flexible and rigid shaft. The rig provides controllable rotational speed and Weight On Bit (WOB) for different rock samples and drill-bits and allows measurement of angular velocity of top and bottom of drill-string, lateral motion, Torque On Bit (TOB) and Rate Of Penetration (ROP). The rig employs a LabView graphical interface for real-time response monitoring.

    The rock mechanics is focussed on studying the rock cutting forces which are conducted on linear cutter rigs. This is to gain fundamental understanding of interactions between a single cutter and rock formation and then developed models to predict cutting conditions for the entire drill-bit. The single cutter is attached to a three-dimensional force sensor which can measure normal and horizontal cutting forces. The rig cane be equipped with two cutter holders in case of investigation of two successive cutters on a drill-bit.


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