Iain Fraser Cytometry Centre

  • Andrea Holme (Manager),
  • Linda Duncan (Senior Application Scientist),
  • Ailsa Laird (Technician) &
  • Kate Burgoyne (Technician)

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    Iain Fraser Cytometry Centre IFCC Institute of Medical Sciences (IMS) School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition University of Aberdeen Foresterhill, Aberdeen AB25 2ZD

    United Kingdom



The Iain Fraser Cytometry Centre (IFCC) was established by funding from Dr Iain Fraser who founded Saving Sight in Grampian in 1988 to raise funds to research ophthalmology pathologies.

Cytometry is the quantitative measurement of the physical characteristics and biological response in cells and organisms. The ability to measure multiple cellular parameters in a single cell enables single cell and population level analysis.

Cytometry is the backbone of immunology, and increasingly used in preclinical and toxicological studies, developmental biology, virology, microbiology, single cell transcriptomic and genomics. The IFCC platforms are flow cytometers, imaging cytometer and the FACS cell sorters. FACS isolation enables the physical sorting and retrieval of a mixture of cells into different populations. We aim to offer excellent research facilities as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.


NameIain Fraser Cytometry Centre
Acquisition date1/01/88


  • QR180 Immunology
  • QR355 Virology
  • QM Human anatomy
  • QP Physiology
  • Q Science (General)
  • RB Pathology
  • RM Therapeutics. Pharmacology
  • RZ Other systems of medicine
  • SB Plant culture
  • SH Aquaculture. Fisheries. Angling
  • SF Animal culture


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