Psychophysiology Centre

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    The School of Psychology William Guild Building University of Aberdeen King's College William Guild Building AB24 2UB

    United Kingdom



The School of Psychology has several state-of-the-art research facilities and access to special populations (such as patients, healthy older adults, schools, industries, among others) to facilitate cutting-edge research in various disciplines of psychology. The School houses the Psychophysiology Centre as well as several other facilities for psychological research.

The Psychophysiology Centre consists of several spatious rooms that house the School’s electroencephalographic (EEG) equipment. The two side rooms contain sound-attenuated, shielded testing booths and in between them is a comfortable central area with a large mirror and washing up facilities, ideal for setting up and cleaning electrodes. One booth is equipped with a 64-channel Biosemi ActiveTwo system, the other with a 128-channel Biosemi ActiveTwo system. Eight external electrodes enable the recording of eye movements as well as muscular activity concurrently with the EEG.

PCs equipped with high-performance graphics cards are used to control the high-resolution CRT displays on which the experiments are run. A VISAGE system is also available in one of the booths, enabling experiments on colour perception and stereovision through its interface with colourimetric devices and high-resolution 3D goggles. Finally, a high-performance PC is available for performing resource-demanding data analyses. The sharing of facilities between the principal investigators who use EEG in their work is managed through online booking systems with regular organizational meetings. The co-ordinator of the Psychophysiology Centre is Dr Soren Andersen.


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