Cannabis as a source of medicines

Impact: Health and Wellbeing

Description of impact

Research at the University of Aberdeen has directly contributed to the development of the cannabis-based medicine, Sativex®, which was licensed in the UK in 2010 for relieving neuropathic pain and spasticity of multiple sclerosis (MS), removing the need for patients to self-medicate with illegal, "unregulated" cannabis. The research has both enhanced patient welfare and promoted collaboration with industry. Several other countries have also approved Sativex®. Apart from such direct benefits, the research has also increased understanding of the benefits of cannabis-based medicines among the general public, and the main researcher has advised the Home Office on pertinent legislation. Therefore the claimed impact here includes benefits to health and welfare guidelines and on the public understanding of science. In addition industry has invested in research and development and a new product has been commercialised.

Impact statusImpact Completed (Open)
Category of impactHealth and Wellbeing