Cities of the Future: Living Together

Impact: Cultural

Description of impact

Co-curated the exhibition Cities of the Future: Living Together as part of the international C&C Conference on Creativity and Cognition 2022.

C&C22’s Art Exhibition took place at the Sala Camino exhibition space of Istituzione Fondazione Bevilacqua la Masa in Venice Italy, from the 22nd to the 25th June 2022. The exhibition was free and open to the public.

Who is affected by, or benefits from, the research?

Inhabitants of the city of Venice

Project summary and aims

The exhibition explored ways in which citizens can participate in new cross-disciplinary forms of creative engagement with the major challenges that cities face. A profound act of imagination that is needed to envision viable alternatives to the status quo.
Impact statusImpact Completed (Closed)
Impact dateJun 2022
Category of impactCultural
Stage of ImpactEngagement