Creating rural resilience through cultural heritage

  • John Hugh Farrington (Coordinator)
  • Wallace, Claire (Coordinator)
  • Leanne Claire Townsend (Participant)
  • Hai Nguyen (Participant)
  • Gemma Webster (Participant)
  • David Edward Beel (Participant)
  • Christopher Stuart Mellish (Participant)

Impact: Cultural

Description of impact

The resilience of rural communities rests upon economic, social and cultural foundations. Research led by the University of Aberdeen has explored how rural communities in Scotland could most effectively co-create and interact with digitisation and provided guidance to policymakers on its implementation. Their work has informed the development of a digital archive platform, which been accessed across the globe, creating a shared resource to access local history. The research has supported and strengthening collective decision-making at a local community level and more broadly, informed digital policy in Scotland and in Westminster, thus enhancing broader knowledge and understanding of rural histories and their role in community resilience.

Outcomes to Date / Future Developments

Research led by Wallace and the wider dot.rural programme, mentioned above, has created a new understanding of how digitisation projects in rural communities can help to enhance social, economic and cultural resilience. Building upon innovative, community-led research into cultural heritage and social quality, they have demonstrated how digital infrastructure can improve community cohesion, rural resilience and can create economic value.
Impact statusImpact Completed (Open)
Impact date20132020
Category of impactCultural