‘Enabling people to live (and die) well’: enhancing patient care and policy with philosophical research on ‘person-centred’ approaches to healthcare

Impact: Societal

Description of impact

Entwistle’s philosophical analysis of ‘collaborative approaches’ to healthcare and ‘support for self-management’ for people with long-term conditions has significantly shifted the thinking and practice of clinicians who have engaged with it. Their practical adoption of the central idea of ‘enabling people to live (and die) well’ has been positively received by patients, and their professional reflections have benefited from the insights the research provided into the inevitable ethical tensions of person-centred approaches. The further spread of these benefits is now supported by the adoption of the central idea and associated insights within professional training programmes, NHS and third sector service development work, Scottish health policy and international guidance.

Outcomes to Date / Future Developments

The idea of ‘enabling people to live (and die) well’ has led to significant improvements across the interacting levels of clinical practice; professional training; service development (NHS and voluntary sector), national health policy and international health policy guidance.
Impact statusImpact Completed (Open)
Impact date20122018
Category of impactSocietal