Enabling Semantic Reasoning for Linked Data

  • Jeff Pan (Coordinator)


Description of impact

Within this case study we present the TrOWL technology developed at the University of Aberdeen that enables more efficient and scalable exploitation of semantic data. TrOWL and its component algorithms — REL, Quill and the Aberdeen Profile Checker — have had non-academic impact in two key areas. With respect to practitioners and professional services, the technology has enabled the introduction of two important World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards: OWL2 and SPARQL 1.1. This has led to impact in the way that many companies work, across a range of sectors. Further, through partnership with specific companies, the use of TrOWL has changed the way they operate and the technical solutions they provide to clients. These collaborations have led to economic impacts in companies such as Oracle in "mitigat[ing] the losses of potential customers", and IBM in "using the TrOWL reasoning infrastructure in [their] Smarter Cities solutions".
Impact statusImpact Completed (Open)