From text to sound: the consort music of Philips and Dering in performance

  • David John Smith (Coordinator)

Impact: Cultural

Description of impact

Smith’s scholarly edition of consort music by Philips and Dering has drawn attention to music which is little-known and unfamiliar, making it accessible to audiences ranging from professional players and reviewers to amateur viol players and the general public listening to the radio whilst driving home from work. Through the creation of a record label, a reach is achieved that extends throughout the UK and internationally, not least through broadcast of tracks, which date from the release of the CD recording 2017. This work has spurred study and performance of a repertoire that was little known previously, inspired composition for viols as a consequence of attending live performances and brought inaccessible consort music to the attention of the wider public through CD sales and radio broadcasts.

Outcomes to Date / Future Developments

Smith’s research has had an impact on professional performers, and through them has reached amateur viol players and a more general audience. His work has brought the consort music of Dering to the attention of players and music teachers, influencing their repertoire and understanding of consort music, and audiences, through CD sales and multiple radio broadcasts.
Impact statusImpact Completed (Open)
Impact date20122020
Category of impactCultural