Improving the Efficiency of Scottish Criminal Procedure

  • Peter Duff (Coordinator)

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The Scottish Government has long been concerned about delays and "churn" (repeated adjournments) in the criminal justice process (Firm and Fair (1994, Cmnd 2600); Improving Practice (Scottish Executive, 2004); Summary Justice Review Committee (Scottish Executive, 2004)). The criminal justice research cluster in the Law School has a longstanding interest in this area, stemming from initial research into prosecutor or "fiscal fines". Aberdeen researchers have conducted various Scottish Government funded and published studies, which have led to further academic articles. This body of research on "case trajectories" led to Duff's appointment to the Government's Summary Justice Review Committee (2001-2004) and many of its recommendations, some based on the Aberdeen research, were implemented through the Criminal Proceedings etc (Reform) (Scotland) Act 2007 which came into effect in 2008. Additionally, as a ressult of this research, Duff was involved in the fine-tuning of the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010 as adviser to the Justice Committee of the Scottish Parliament.
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