Paradigmatic Film Practice: In Time of Place to The Director’s Cut

Impact: Cultural

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This case study examines the impact of Alan Marcus's work as documentary film director, practice-based researcher and organiser of a series of events known as The Director's Cut, in which he interviews internationally renowned filmmakers, script writers, composers, actors and animators to bring out, for a public audience, the paradigms, creative influences and innovations that shape their work. The public impact of his films can be assessed by the many institutions which have held screenings of them, together with invited talks by Marcus, and the impact of The Director's Cut interviews by the scale of their immediate audience (regularly over 200 and sometimes as many as 900, in the case of Sir David Attenborough), and the amount of media coverage and internet activity they generate. This impact is enhanced by workshops and masterclasses that allow aspiring filmmakers to work with some of the major film practitioners in modern cinema and television, and by Junior Director's Cut events which encourage film-making among local schoolchildren.
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  • Modern Languages and Linguistics