Regulation of Environmental Protections in Unconventional Gas Extraction

  • Tina Hunter (Coordinator)


Description of impact

Oil and gas extraction has a broad range of environmental implications. Research led by Professor Tina Hunter of the Centre for Energy Law prompted: 1) a major review of regulatory practice and informed new regulatory guidelines in Western Australia and 2) helped to inform a major campaign led by a prominent NGO to address environmental protection in the context of offshore drilling in the Great Australian Bight. Hunter’s research has underpinned the introduction of enforceable measures to ensure best practice, increase transparency and strengthen environmental protection as well as enhancing land access rights for indigenous communities and landholders.

Outcomes to Date / Future Developments

Hunter’s work with the Australian Government has been instrumental in highlighting important regulatory failures and providing independent monitoring of the Petroleum Environmental Regulations, particularly in relation to the negotiation of compensation and land access in shale gas operations. Her work has also helped hold regulators to account, in the case of the Great Australian Bight.
Impact statusImpact Completed (Open)
Impact date20152020


  • Environmental