Scottish Teachers for a new Era (STNE)

Impact: Policy

Description of impact

The Scottish Teachers for a New Era (STNE) initiative developed and tested a new model for teacher education, researching the effectiveness of novel teaching practices on a B.Ed programme and the professional learning for supporting teacher graduates. Lessons learned from this initiative went on to inform the highly influential Donaldson Report on teacher education policy in Scotland. This led to policy changes by the Scottish Government and thus to improvements in teacher education and, in the culture of professional learning. The work of the STNE has also led to changes in artistic pedagogy in Argentina and has influenced teacher education policy in the Nordic countries.

Who is affected by, or benefits from, the research?

Teacher educators, student teachers and pupils.

Outcomes to Date / Future Developments

The research informed the highly influential Donaldson Report on teacher education in Scotland, Teaching Scotland's Future, in particular in relation to the need for evidence-based practice in teacher education.

Key elements of the STNE research on supporting student and newly qualified teachers are the partnership approach and mentoring. This led to the development of the Joint Observation and Tripartite Dialogue for students on field experience (practicum) in schools.
Impact statusImpact Completed (Open)
Impact date20052020
Category of impactPolicy