Stability of ice sheets

  • Robert George Bingham (Coordinator)
  • Scott, Julian B.T. (Coordinator)
  • Douglas Watson Fraser Mair (Coordinator)


Description of impact

This case study details the impact of current glaciological research at the University of Aberdeen on the Earth's polar ice sheets on practitioners and services in the non-academic science community, specifically the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and European Space Agency (ESA). In addition, the research has informed public understanding of the stability of the polar ice caps under the influence of climate change. The beneficiaries of our research are professional scientists in Environmental and Earth Sciences working at BAS and ESA who have used our findings to constrain computer modelling of ice sheet dynamics and to calibrate and validate measurements of ice sheet mass change. We have been involved in major international collaborative field research on the Antarctic and Greenland Ice Sheets to better define the current basal and surface boundaries of the ice sheets and to improve the understanding of the sensitivity of the ice sheets' boundaries to climate change over a range of timescales.
Impact statusImpact Completed (Open)