The Future of Mobility as a Service

  • John Nelson (Coordinator)
  • Caitlin Cottrill (Coordinator)
  • Edwards, Pete (Participant)
  • Jillian Anable (Participant)
  • John Hugh Farrington (Participant)
  • Philip, Lorna (Participant)

Impact: Policy, Health and Wellbeing, Societal

Description of impact

Intelligent Mobility (IM) is the optimised movement of people and goods. In the transport sector, where industry is increasingly reliant on technology and data to facilitate movement of people and services, the challenge is how to address complete end-to-end journeys, particularly in rural hard-to-access areas. At the University of Aberdeen, the Centre for Transport Research, in collaboration with the School of Natural & Computing Sciences, has undertaken innovative research which has underpinned the development of shared mobility models to enhance transport services for populations in hard to serve areas and informed UK government implementation of internet access in rural areas. The research has also contributed to the growing national interest in Mobility as a Service (MaaS), leading to GBP2,000,000 investment from government and the development of proof of concept with industry.

Outcomes to Date / Future Developments

Intelligent mobility has the potential to transform the ways we move people and goods. Research at the University of Aberdeen has shed new light on the development and provision of new transport services, particularly in relation to rural communities and passenger experience. This research has informed digital infrastructure requirements in the UK, raised awareness of innovation in transport services, secured investment from the Scottish government to pilot new services, and enabled operators and industries to rationalise the transition to IM.
Impact statusImpact Completed (Open)
Impact date20092018
Category of impactPolicy, Health and Wellbeing, Societal
Stage of ImpactAdoption


  • Societal