Analysis on innovative modular sorption and resorption thermal cell for cold and heat cogeneration

L. Jiang, A.P. Roskilly, R.Z. Wang*, L.W. Wang, Y.J. Lu

*Corresponding author for this work

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Innovative modular sorption and resorption thermal cell are presented for cold and heat cogeneration. Expanded natural graphite treated with sulfuric acid is selected in the development of composite sorbents for improved heat and mass transfer performance. It is indicated that thermal conductivity and permeability range from 11.9 W m−1 K−1 to 36.5 W m−1 K−1 and from 1.04 × 10−14 m2 to 8.02 × 10−11 m2. Sorption characteristics of composite sorbents are also investigated. Results demonstrate that MnCl2-CaCl2-NH3 reveals the best sorption performance under the condition of 130–150 °C heat source temperature and −20 °C to 5 °C evaporation temperature. Sorption quantities of sorption and resorption working pairs range from 0.169 kg kg−1 to 0.499 kg kg−1. Based on testing results, energy density and power density of modular resorption thermal cell are compared with that of sorption thermal cell. Results indicate that heat density ranges from 580 kJ kg−1 to 1368 kJ kg−1 whereas cold density ranges from 400 kJ kg−1 to 1134 kJ kg−1. Simultaneously, heat and cold power density range from 322 W kg−1 to 1502 W kg−1 and from 222 W kg−1 to 946 W kg−1. Both sorption and resorption thermal cell have their own advantages, which are flexible connected for scaling applications.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)767-779
Number of pages13
JournalApplied Energy
Early online date1 Aug 2017
Publication statusPublished - 15 Oct 2017

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This research was supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China under contract number (51606118), Innovative Research Groups under contract number (51521004) and Heat-STRESS project (EP/N02155X/1) funded by Engineering and Physical Science Research Council of the UK.


  • Composite sorbent
  • Heat and mass transfer performance
  • Sorption characteristic
  • Resorption thermal cell


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