Hydrogen isn’t the key to Britain’s green recovery – here’s why

Tom Baxter* (Corresponding Author)

*Corresponding author for this work

Research output: Contribution to specialist publicationArticle


The EU recently published its strategy for delivering net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Alongside reducing the amount of energy consumed by buildings and industry, the appliances that currently rely on fossil fuels, like cars and domestic and industrial boilers, are to be replaced with electrical alternatives, for example batteries and heat pumps.

Where energy efficiency and electrification aren’t possible or cost effective, such as in heavy-duty transport (think trains and lorries), hydrogen fuel is expected to fill in these gaps.
Original languageEnglish
Specialist publicationThe Conversation
PublisherThe Conversation UK
Publication statusPublished - 22 Jul 2020


  • Fossil fuels
  • Hydrogen
  • Natural gas
  • Heating
  • Decarbonisation
  • carbon neutrality
  • net zero


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