Integrated care pathways for airway diseases (AIRWAYS-ICPs)

J. Bousquet, A. Addis, I. Adcock, I. Agache, A. Agusti, A. Alonso, I. Annesi-Maesano, J.M. Anto, C. Bachert, C.E. Baena-Cagnani, C. Bai, A. Baigenzhin, C. Barbara, P.J. Barnes, E.D. Bateman, L. Beck, A. Bedbrook, E.H. Bel, O. Benezet, K.S. BennoorM. Benson, M. Bernabeu-Wittel, M. Bewick, C. Bindslev-Jensen, H. Blain, F. Blasi, M. Bonini, S. Bonini, L.P. Boulet, A. Bourdin, R. Bourret, P.J. Bousquet, C.E. Brightling, A. Briggs, J. Brozek, R. Buhl, A. Bush, D. Caimmi, M. Calderon, P. Calverley, P.A. Camargos, T. Camuzat, G.W. Canonica, K.H. Carlsen, T.B. Casale, M. Cazzola, A.M. Cepeda Sarabia, A. Cesario, Y.Z. Chen, E. Chkhartishvili, N.H. Chavannes, R. Chiron, A. Chuchalin, K.F. Chung, L. Cox, G. Crooks, M.G. Crooks, A.A. Cruz, A. Custovic, R. Dahl, S.E. Dahlen, F. De Blay, T. Dedeu, D. Deleanu, P. Demoly, P. Devillier, A. Didier, A.T. Dinh-Xuan, R. Djukanovic, D. Dokic, H. Douagui, R. Dubakiene, S. Eglin, F. Elliot, R. Emuzyte, L. Fabbri, A. Fink Wagner, M. Fletcher, W.J. Fokkens, J. Fonseca, A. Franco, P. Frith, A. Furber, M. Gaga, J. Garcés, J. Garcia-Aymerich, A. Gamkrelidze, S. Gonzales-Diaz, F. Gouzi, M.A. Guzmán, T. Haahtela, D. Harrison, M. Hayot, L.G. Heaney, J. Heinrich, P.W. Hellings, J. Hooper, M. Humbert, M. Hyland, G. Iaccarino, D. Jakovenko, J.R. Jardim, C. Jeandel, C. Jenkins, S.L. Johnston, O. Jonquet, G. Joos, K.S. Jung, O. Kalayci, S. Karunanithi, T. Keil, N. Khaltaev, V. Kolek, M.L. Kowalski, I. Kull, P. Kuna, V. Kvedariene, L.T. Le, K.C. Lodrup Carlsen, R. Louis, W. MacNee, A. Mair, I. Majer, P. Manning, E. de Manuel Keenoy, M.R. Masjedi, E. Melen, E. Melo-Gomes, A. Menzies-Gow, G. Mercier, J. Mercier, J.P. Michel, N. Miculinic, F. Mihaltan, B. Milenkovic, M. Molimard, I. Momas, A. Montilla-Santana, M. Morais-Almeida, M. Morgan, M. N'Diaye, S. Nafti, K. Nekam, A. Neou, L. Nicod, R. O'Hehir, K. Ohta, P. Paggiaro, S. Palkonen, S. Palmer, N.G. Papadopoulos, A. Papi, G. Passalacqua, I. Pavord, B. Pigearias, D. Plavec, D.S. Postma, D. Price, K.F. Rabe, F. Radier Pontal, J. Redon, S. Rennard, J. Roberts, J.M. Robine, J. Roca, N. Roche, F. Rodenas, A. Roggeri, C. Rolland, J. Rosado-Pinto, D. Ryan, B. Samolinski, M. Sanchez-Borges, H.J. Schünemann, A. Sheikh, M. Shields, N. Siafakas, Y. Sibille, T. Similowski, I. Small, O. Sola-Morales, T. Sooronbaev, R. Stelmach, P.J. Sterk, T. Stiris, P. Sud, V. Tellier, T. To, A. Todo-Bom, M. Triggiani, R. Valenta, A.L. Valero, A. Valiulis, E. Valovirta, E. Van Ganse, O. Vandenplas, T. Vasankari, J. Vestbo, G. Vezzani, G. Viegi, L. Visier, C. Vogelmeier, T. Vontetsianos, R. Wagstaff, U. Wahn, B. Wallaert, B. Whalley, M. Wickman, D.M. Williams, N. Wilson, B.P. Yawn, P.K. Yiallouros, A. Yorgancioglu, O.M. Yusuf, H.J. Zar, N. Zhong, M. Zidarn, T. Zuberbier

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Chronic respiratory diseases: from guidelines to policies Chronic respiratory diseases are major non-communicable diseases [1]. Asthma and allergic diseases occur throughout the life cycle and can begin during pregnancy and childhood. In Europe, they affect 30 million children and adults under 45 years of age. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) has an estimated annual death rate of over 4 million people globally. Among the European Union (EU) member states, asthma accounted for an average of 53 hospital admissions per 100 000 population in 2009, and the average COPD-related admission rate was 184 [2]. The annual direct and indirect costs in the 28 EU countries due to COPD or asthma are estimated at €48 billion and €34 billion, respectively [2]. Chronic respiratory diseases affect active and healthy ageing. Asthma in children or adults is a common risk factor for COPD in adults [3, 4]. Guidelines for COPD [5] and rhinitis–asthma comorbidity [6] exist using the GRADE (Grading of Recommendations Assessment, Development and Evaluation) approach [7, 8]. Global strategies have also been proposed for the prevention and control of asthma [9] and COPD [10]. However, in older adults, it is often difficult to differentiate between asthma and COPD [11], and none of the current guidelines appear to have a specific module for older people [12]. Effective strategies are needed to reduce chronic respiratory disease burden. National programmes (e.g. the Finnish, Czech or Portuguese asthma or COPD programmes [13, 14]) can be cost-effective [15], but they are insufficiently implemented in the EU. Integrated care pathways (ICPs) for COPD (QS10) exist in the UK (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, NICE) [16], in France (Haute Autorité de Santé) and in the …
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)304-323
Number of pages20
JournalEuropean Respiratory Journal
Issue number2
Early online date31 Jul 2014
Publication statusPublished - 1 Aug 2014


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