Proactive Risk Management: A Novel Approach to Embedding Oral Corticosteroid Stewardship into Asthma Care

David Price, Arnaud Bourdin

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The continued inclusion of oral corticosteroids (OCS) in treatment guidelines, as well as the accessibility, familiarity, and relatively low cost of this therapeutic option compared with newer alternatives, has contributed to an ongoing
overreliance on OCS treatments in severe asthma. This overuse continues despite accumulating evidence to demonstrate the detrimental long-term effects associated with even a short-term, low-dose course of OCS in this patient population. OCS Stewardship is a collaborative, systematic effort designed to protect patients with asthma from inappropriate OCS use through a series of patient- and physician focused initiatives. Ultimately, OCS Stewardship aims to reduce OCS-related morbidity, lower the risk of OCS-related adverse events (AE), increase health-related quality of life, and reduce healthcare resource utilisation.
This article summarises data that were exhibited as part of the European Respiratory Society (ERS) International Congress held in Barcelona, Spain, describing a novel proactive risk-management approach to embedding OCS Stewardship into asthma care. The objectives of this meeting were to highlight the latest data demonstrating the need for OCS Stewardship in asthma; discuss approaches to assessing OCS exposure and OCS-related toxicities, and the rationale for systematic assessment of OCS toxicity in individual patients; and to consider practical tools to evaluate future risk of asthma exacerbations and OCS-related adverse effects. Also described in this article are three posters, which were presented during the same meeting, and provide further data to support OCS-sparing activities in severe asthma by AstraZeneca.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages10
JournalEuropean Medical Journal - Respiratory
Issue numberSupplement 2
Early online date30 Nov 2022
Publication statusPublished - 30 Nov 2022
EventEuropean Respiratory Society (ERS) International Congress. - FIRA Barcelona Gran Via Congress Centre, Barcelona, Spain
Duration: 4 Sept 20226 Sept 2022

Bibliographical note

Acknowledgements: G. Walter Canonica, Professor of Respiratory Medicine at
the Humanitas Clinical and Research Center and Humanitas University, Milan, Italy, and Liam Heaney, Clinical Professor at Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland, presented alongside Price at the AstraZeneca-sponsored symposium, ‘Proactive risk management: a novel approach to embedding OCS Stewardship into asthma care’, delivered on 5th September 2022 at the ERS International Congress 2022 in Barcelona, 4th–6th September 2022. Writing assistance for this article was
provided by Rachel Danks, RSD Medical Communications Ltd, Gloucestershire, UK.

This is an AstraZeneca-funded publication summarising an AstraZeneca-sponsored symposium and three posters selected by AstraZeneca. This article is intended for HCPs


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