Stem cell niches in mammals

Thimios A. Mitsiadis, Ornella Barrandon, Ariane Rochat, Yann Barrandon, Cosimo De Bari

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Stem cells safeguard tissue homeostasis and guarantee tissue repair throughout life. The decision between self-renewal and differentiation is influenced by a specialized microenvironment called stem cell niche. Physical and molecular interactions with niche cells and orientation of the cleavage plane during stem cell mitosis control the balance between symmetric and asymmetric division of stem cells. Here we highlight recent progress made on the anatomical and molecular characterization of mammalian stem cell niches, focusing particularly on bone marrow, tooth and hair follicle. The knowledge of the regulation of stem cells within their niches in health and disease will be instrumental to develop novel therapies that target stem cell niches to achieve tissue repair and re-establish tissue homeostasis.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)3377-3385
Number of pages9
JournalExperimental Cell Research
Issue number16
Early online date2 Aug 2007
Publication statusPublished - 1 Oct 2007


  • animals
  • bone marrow cells
  • genetic variation
  • hair follicle
  • incisor
  • mammals
  • stem cells
  • tooth
  • hair
  • bone
  • notch signaling
  • niches


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