Witness to Christ’s dominion: the political service of the Church

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Bonhoeffer had a specifically theological interest in politics. In politics, as elsewhere, Christians struggle to discern how any given situation wins its reality in and from God in order to orient themselves in the moral field within which political life takes place. Bonhoeffer’s own political theology asks how Christians are constituted as agents of political truth and what form their political service should thus take. It is proclamation – the exercise of Christian freedom for fearless witness to the gospel and the claim of Christ – which proves decisive. The essential political activity of the Christian community is to offer a full proclamation of Christ’s graceful reign by means of which both state and society are drawn into new humane freedom. In this way it attests the reality of God’s revolutionary reconciliation of all things in Christ.
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Publication statusPublished - Oct 2013


  • Bonhoeffer
  • church and state
  • parrhesia
  • political theology
  • witness


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