Enhancement of UG and PG teaching using industrial projects experience

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The oral presentation was delivered on the topic.

Teaching courses and individual/group projects that combine theoretical knowledge, numerical modelling and industrial applications are highly attractive and enhance the engagement of engineering students. Having experience in participating in numerous industrial projects devoted to optimal design of composite and steel pipes, we incorporated it into teaching and supervision. Several projects for undergraduate and postgraduate students were developed to provide students insight into real life experience in solving the industrial problems combined with digestion of theoretical knowledge. This combination gives the students good understanding of the theory as well as encourages them to see the challenges of practical applications.

[1] S Baroutian, B Kensington-Miller, F Wicaksana, BR Young, Bridging theory with real world research experience: Co-teaching Engineering Biotechnology with R&D professionals. Education for Chemical Engineers, 2016, 16: 9-16.

[2] D Borah, Kh Malik, S Massini. Are engineering graduates ready for R&D jobs in emerging countries? Teaching-focused industry-academia collaboration strategies. Research Policy, 2019, 48: 103837.


The Conference theme, “From Research to Practice,” addresses the challenge of how to ensure that sound pedagogical research better inform sour teaching and fosters the flow of information from both directions—from classroom practice back to formulating new research questions and generating data to test what we think we “know”?

Traditional forms of teaching, including the much-maligned lecture, have demonstrated remarkable resiliency, while innovative practices, such as flipped classrooms and extended student discussions, have often faced resistance from both teachers and students. These and other challenges have increased with the pandemic, which has transformed classroom teaching in unpredictable and often negative ways. So it is time to revisit the issues of what counts as “best practices” and what barriers prevent their adoption.

IUT conferences emphasizes dialogue and sharing among participants through thought-provoking keynote addresses, interactive theme sessions, workshops, concurrent paper sessions, poster presentations, and a digital showcase. The small size of the conference, drawing 100 to 125 participants each year, helps to foster additional opportunities for informal exchange. An expanding online presence promises to provide additional resources to the international teaching community.
Period27 Jul 202229 Jul 2022
Event title48th Annual Conference Improving University Teaching: From Research to Practice
Event typeConference
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