Policy Meeting between Defra and BEIS and Supergen academics

Activity: Disseminating Research Policy Research, Briefing, or Discussion


Supplied slides for the presenter on bioenergy crop simulations and soil carbon, and contributed to discussions, answering Defra and BEIS' questions.


Policy meeting with BEIS and Defra on Bioenergy crops and soil carbon. 13 December 2021 to support new 2022 government bioenergy policy.

2.Presentation covering key parts of the soil carbon discussion – Rebecca Rowe
3.Discussion - soil carbon and above ground carbon quantification and change over time
4.Discussion – effects of management (including harvesting)
5.Discussion – soil carbon stock differences between different feedstock scenarios
6.Discussion – biomass feedstock production and the relationship with wider soil health
7.Other Questions and Discussion


Policy advisors:
Ritwika Sengupta - Senior Policy Advisor at BEIS
Joanna Carew – biomass team leader at Defra
Jess Winnan – Senior policy advisor, climate mitigation at Defra
Luke Spadavecchia – farm science team at Defra
Peter Coleman – climate change mitigation and inventory in science team at BEIS
David Snedley –soil health in farm science team at Defra
Mark Broadmeadow – carbon modelling and forestry at Defra

Joanna Sparks – coordinator, policy fellow, Supergen
Will Hargreaves – policy tradeoff of SOC and agri-system, policy fellow, Supergen
Rebecca Rowe – main presenter, soil carbon and bioenergy crops, CEH
Jeanette Whitticker – land use and soil carbon, CEH
Iain Donnison – Supergen head of resources and head of Ibers
Isabela Butnar –energy systems modelling, UCL
Period13 Dec 2021
Held atBiological Sciences


  • Bioenergy crops and soil carbon and health