Two Speed Britain: Rural Internet Use (4th September 2015)

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The gap in broadband speed between urban and rural areas is widening, a study has found. The academic study highlights the true nature of the divide between those living in remote rural parts of Britain and the rest of the country. The study, Two-Speed Britain: Rural Internet Use, is part of the Oxford Internet Surveys and was carried out by the Oxford Internet Institute with the RCUK Digital Economy Research Hub.

According to the research, more than one million people in Britain are excluded or struggle to get involved in normal online activities because they live in remote rural areas with no access to high-speed broadband. 

Principal investigator of the Oxford Internet Surveys, Dr Grant Blank, from the University of Oxford, and Professor John Farrington, of the University of Aberdeen and lead author of the report are both quoted in the press articles.


Period4 Sept 2015

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