Behaviour for well-being, environment and life, 2010

  • Colin John Hunter (Creator)
  • Brice Rea (Data Manager)



Behaviour for Well-being, Environment and Life (BeWEL) was an Exploratory Research Network, funded for 12 months from July 2009, established to provide a new cross-disciplinary perspective on understanding individual pro-environment behaviour. The overall aim of the BeWEL exploratory network was to use an interdisciplinary approach to deepen our understanding of key drivers of, and barriers to, pro-environment behaviour change ('sustainable behaviours'). Six fundamental, and complementary, research objectives (ROs) underpinned our network. These were to improve knowledge of:
RO 1 - how people interact with nature
RO 2 - how such interactions may influence personal well-being
RO 3 - the neuropsychological and physiological 'signatures' of personal well-being
RO 4 - how personal well-being derived from interactions with nature may influence propensity to engage in pro-environment behaviours
RO 5 - lifespan changes in cognitive and neural functioning as factors that may influence propensity to engage in pro- environment behaviours
RO 6 - the implications from the above for current conceptualisations of, and approaches to encouraging, pro-environment behaviour

Key activities included:
conducting pilot research projects
analysing how interdisciplinary research can be evaluated
testing a virtual research environment computing software designed to facilitate the work of interdisciplinary research teams
producing short and accessible 'state of understanding' reports in key knowledge areas
hosting an early career researcher workshop and public engagement events

The data available from the UK Data Archive relates to part of the exploratory pilot project work. Data were collected by paper and online questionnaires to explore pro-environmental behaviour, nature interactions, personal well-being, personal values and socio-demographics.

Further information is available from the BeWEL ESRC Award web page and the BeWEL network website.

Main Topics:
The questionnaire covered the following areas:
pro-environmental behaviour
interactions with nature
personal well-being
personal values
socio-demographic characteristics

Copyright University of Aberdeen
Date made available13 May 2011
PublisherUK Data Service
Date of data productionFeb 2010 - May 2010

Funder and Grant Reference number

  • Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)
  • RES-355-25-0020

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