Bimanual Grasping adheres to Weber's Law



Datasets associated with the following publication: Hesse, C., Harrison, R. E., Giesel, M., & Schenk, T. (2021). Bimanual Grasping adheres to Weber’s Law. i-Perception (under revision) The folder contains four data files. DATA_MGA_N20.txt: contains the size of the maximum hand opening for grasping and the size of the aperture during manual estimation for each trial and every participant DATA_EndPos_N20.txt: contains the position of each hand (left and right) on the box at the moment the object was lifted in grasping trials. SummaryDATA_SD_N20.txt and SummaryDATA_IQR_N20.txt contain the variability of the maximum hand opening (indicating JNDs) in grasping and the estimation aperture in the perceptual task for every participant and condition (can also be calculated from the single trial data) once determined as standard deviations (SD) and once determined as the interquartile range (IQR). There is a separate description file (README.rtf) providing further relevant information for the data files uploaded. For further questions, please contact: c.hesse[at]
Date made available2021

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