ctn-1 (alpha-CaTuliN (catenin/vinculin related))



ctn-1 (alpha-CaTuliN (catenin/vinculin related)) is an ortholog of human CTNNAL1 (catenin alpha like 1). Is predicted to have actin filament binding activity and cadherin binding activity. Is involved in regulation of locomotion. Localizes to the plasma membrane and striated muscle dense body. Is expressed in the muscular system and the somatic nervous system. Is used to study Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

ctn-1 encodes a protein that belongs to the alpha-catulin family of catenin-like proteins; CTN-1 physically interacts in vivo with DYB-1/dystrobrevin; a ctn-1::GFP fusion is expressed in body wall, vulval, and anal muscles; in body wall muscles, CTN-1::GFP localizes to the plasma membranes near dense bodies.

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Protein coding
Date made available2004

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