dab-1 (DAB (Drosophila disabled) homolog)



dab-1 encodes an ortholog of the cytoplasmic adaptor protein DISABLED, required for normal molting and meiotic arrest; DAB-1 is also required for EGL-17 secretion from vulval cells, and thus indirectly for normal sex myoblast (SM) migration and egg-laying; DAB-1 contains a conserved PTB domain and signals that confer localization to Golgi-proximal vesicles, and DAB-1 localizes to vesicular structures in vivo; dab-1 is expressed in ventral precursor cells, and DAB-1 prevents EGL-17 protein accumulation in them; dab-1 is also expressed in other cells (anchor cell, sheath cells, etc.) but has no obvious function in them; DAB-1 binds the cytoplasmic domains of either LRP-1 or LRP-2 in yeast two-hybrid experiments; dab-1(gk291) and dab-1(RNAi) animals have similar defects in molting, EGL-17 secretion from VPCs, SM migration, and egg-laying; dab-1(RNAi) does not enhance the SM phenotypes of lrp-1(RNAi) or lrp-2(RNAi), suggesting that these genes act in concert to promote normal EGL-17 secretion and SM migration; in vitro, DAB-1 binds to the ear domains of APT-4 (strongly) and of APT-1 and APT-9 (weakly); genetically, dab-1(RNAi) functions as part of the vab-1 pathway in oocytes inhibiting meiotic maturation, and DAB-1 is found in oocyte cytoplasm.

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Protein coding
Date made available2004

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