Democracy in Fishport, 1969-1971.

  • A. Betts (Creator)
  • John B Sewel (Creator)
  • F. W. Bealey (Creator)
  • Mervyn Bain (Data Manager)



The purpose of this study was to investigate political life in Peterhead.

Main Topics:
Attitudinal/Behavioural Questions
Political activity and images of political parties; class conflict; religion.
Background Variables
Sex, age, tenancy, religion, social class and voting allegiance; whether belonged to the ''fisher folk''; whether natives of Peterhead; whether attended church on previous Sunday.

A simple random sample of the electorate who responded to a questionnaire in November and December 1969 and after the General Election in June 1970; a total sample of 15 year old schoolchildren; 2 total samples and 2 simple random samples of non-political leaders (all Trade Union Branch officials; all people serving on more than one club committee; a sample of managers and employers in businesses employing 5 or more people; and a sample of religious leaders.
Associated publication: Sewel, J. and Bealey, F. (1979) Democracy in Peterhead: Report to the SSRC [Research report], : SSRC.
Date made available1 Jan 1981
PublisherUK Data Service
Temporal coverageNov 1969 - Nov 1971
Date of data productionNov 1969 - Nov 1971
Geographical coverageScotland, Banff and Buchan

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