pes-2.1 (Patterned Expression Site)



pes-2 encodes a protein containing a predicted signal sequence and an F-box, a motif believed to mediate protein-protein interactions either with homologs of yeast Skp1p or with other proteins; pes-2 was identified in two different molecular screens, a promoter-trapping screen and a screen for genes that are preferentially transcribed in pre-gastrulation embryos; by homology, pes-2 is predicted to function in ubiquitin-proteasome mediated protein degradation; pes-2 may also play a role in lifespan determination, as its expression is downregulated in young adult worms containing loss-of-function mutations in the daf-2 insulin/IGF-1 receptor, and loss of pes-2 function via RNA-mediated interference (RNAi) can enhance animal survival rates; pes-2 expression is first detected in 4- to 8-cell stage embryos, continues in early embryogenesis in cells from the AB, MS, and E founder cell lineages, and in later embryogenesis is becomes restricted to hypodermal cells; expression in larvae and adults has not yet been reported.

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Last updated 06 May 2019
Date made available2004

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