PiV EI Economics and Carbon Benefits: Economics and Carbon Offset Analysis - Final Report (WP3.6)

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The Plug-in Vehicle Economics and Infrastructure: Economics and Carbon Benefits project is a strategic level analysis of the potential size of the market for plug-in vehicles, the total level of investment needed and the total carbon offset for the UK. This is the final report from the project. It documents the conclusions of the economics and carbon benefits analysis, presenting:An outline of the new research undertakenAn overview of the modelling and analysis methodologyThe key results from the modelling and analysis work.Key observations and insights emerging from the modelling and analysis together with top-down confirmation using key supporting data; andThe overall conclusions and recommendations, with reference to implications for particular stakeholders.For further detail on the analysis completed within the economics and carbon benefits project please see the related documents:Generic Business ModelsScenarios Development Final ReportNew Revenue StreamsDetailed report on Computer ModellingEnergy Scenarios Comparison Report

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