Scottish Mobility Study, 1974-1975

  • R Moore (Creator)
  • G. Payne (Creator)
  • John Bone (Data Manager)



The Scottish Mobility Survey, 1974-1975 was an investigation by means of a sample survey of trends, correlates and determinants of social mobility in Scotland.

Further work was carried out in 2003 on the dataset by Robin Rice, Data Librarian at Edinburgh University Data Library. An SPSS file was constructed from the original ASCII data, and the codebook converted to PDF format, and the dataset was redeposited at the UK Data Archive (UKDA).

Main Topics:Topics covered included; occupation, secondary education, further education, migration, kinship interaction, family size, housing, job selection, income. The same data were gathered for father, mother, brother, wife, son and father-in-law as appropriate.

Simple random sample
One-stage stratified or systematic random sample
A simple random sample of 1 in 582 (68% of sample) was taken of cities, burghs and landward areas with an electorate of more than 6,000. For other areas, the sample was stratified by planning region and county, and a P.P.S. sample of 78 from 664 electoral divisions was also taken.
Associated Publications:
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Date made available1977
PublisherUK Data Service
Temporal coverage1974 - 1975
Date of data productionMay 1974 - Sept 1975
Geographical coverageScotland

Funder and Grant Reference number

  • Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC)
  • HR2173/1

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