Shear-stabilized jammed packings

  • Simon Dagois-Bohy (Creator)
  • Silke Henkes (Creator)
  • Johannes Simon (Creator)
  • Brian P. Tighe (Creator)
  • Merlijn S. van Deen (Creator)
  • Zorana Zeravcic (Creator)
  • Bjoern Schelter (Data Manager)



This data set contains approximately 140,000 shear-stabilized jammed packings, as described in [1].

These packings contain (N = 16... 4096) particles with harmonic interactions, under a confining pressure p=10^{-7}\...10^{-2}\). Ensemble sizes range from 10 (N=4096) to 5000 (N=16).

Particle interactions
The simulation code minimizes the enthalpy
H = \sum_{} \frac{k}{2} \delta_{ij}^2 + pL^2\)
where L² is the simulation box area, p the externally applied pressure, k=1 the spring constant and
\delta_{ij} = \left\{ \begin{array}{ll} R_i + R_j - |\vec{r_{ij}}| & \textrm{if } |\vec{r_{ij}}| < R_i + R_j, \\ 0 & \textrm{otherwise.} \end{array}\right.

Data files
The packings are stored in an HDF5 data file, with the following format:

Example name: N1024P3162e-3_tables.h5
Packings with N=1024 particles
Pressure p = 3.162\cdot 10^{-3}

packing_attr_cache is a data table containing properties of each packing, such as
the lattice vectors L1 and L2, describing the positions of periodic copies,
sxx, syy, sxy, the boundary stresses,
phi, the packing fraction,
N - Ncorrected, the effective number of particles,
Z, the contact number, and
path, the path in the HDF5 file this packing can be found

Packings are stored in a directory structure, e.g. /N1024/P3.1620e-03/0090
Each directory has attributes with the same data as packing_attr_cache
Each directory contains a table 'particles' which stores x,y and r.
HDF5 does not support float128 values, so the positions are stored as two float64 values x and x_err. Sum them as float128 to get the full-resolution value.

[1] Simon Dagois-Bohy, Brian P. Tighe, Johannes Simon, Silke Henkes, and Martin van Hecke. Soft-Sphere Packings at Finite Pressure but Unstable to Shear. Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 095703.

dataset licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
Date made available9 Jul 2015

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