Supplementary material 4 from: Haubrock PJ, Turbelin AJ, Cuthbert RN, Novoa A, Taylor NG, Angulo E, Ballesteros-Mejia L, Bodey TW, Capinha C, Diagne C, Essl F, Golivets M, Kirichenko N, Kourantidou M, Leroy B, Renault D, Verbrugge L, Courchamp F (2021) Economic costs of invasive alien species across Europe. In: Zenni RD, McDermott S, García-Berthou E, Essl F (Eds) The economic costs of biological invasions around the world. NeoBiota 67: 153-190.

  • Phillip J. Haubrock (Creator)
  • Anna J. Turbelin (Creator)
  • Ross N. Cuthbert (Creator)
  • Ana Novoa (Creator)
  • Nigel G. Taylor (Creator)
  • Elena Angulo (Creator)
  • Liliana Ballesteros-Mejia (Creator)
  • Thomas Bodey (Creator)
  • César Capinha (Creator)
  • Christophe Diagne (Creator)
  • Franz Essl (Creator)
  • Marina Golivets (Creator)
  • Natalia Kirichenko (Creator)
  • Melina Kourantidou (Creator)
  • Boris Leroy (Creator)
  • David Renault (Creator)
  • Laura Verbrugge (Creator)
  • Franck Courchamp (Creator)



Map of Europe showing (a) the number of alien species, (b) the number of researchers at a scale of thousands, (c) total cost of invasion normalised by the number of alien species and (d) total cost of invasions normalised by the number of researchers by country
Date made available2021
  • Economic costs of invasive alien species across europe

    Haubrock, P. J., Turbelin, A. J., Cuthbert, R. N., Novoa, A., Taylor, N. G., Angulo, E., Ballesteros-Mejia, L., Bodey, T. W., Capinha, C., Diagne, C., Essl, F., Golivets, M., Kirichenko, N., Kourantidou, M., Leroy, B., Renault, D., Verbrugge, L. & Courchamp, F., 29 Jul 2021, In: NeoBiota. 67, p. 153-190 38 p.

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