Supplementary material 7 from: Haubrock PJ, Turbelin AJ, Cuthbert RN, Novoa A, Taylor NG, Angulo E, Ballesteros-Mejia L, Bodey TW, Capinha C, Diagne C, Essl F, Golivets M, Kirichenko N, Kourantidou M, Leroy B, Renault D, Verbrugge L, Courchamp F (2021) Economic costs of invasive alien species across Europe. In: Zenni RD, McDermott S, García-Berthou E, Essl F (Eds) The economic costs of biological invasions around the world. NeoBiota 67: 153-190.

  • Phillip J. Haubrock (Creator)
  • Anna J. Turbelin (Creator)
  • Ross N. Cuthbert (Creator)
  • Ana Novoa (Creator)
  • Nigel G. Taylor (Creator)
  • Elena Angulo (Creator)
  • Liliana Ballesteros-Mejia (Creator)
  • Thomas Bodey (Creator)
  • César Capinha (Creator)
  • Christophe Diagne (Creator)
  • Franz Essl (Creator)
  • Marina Golivets (Creator)
  • Natalia Kirichenko (Creator)
  • Melina Kourantidou (Creator)
  • Boris Leroy (Creator)
  • David Renault (Creator)
  • Laura Verbrugge (Creator)
  • Franck Courchamp (Creator)



Coefficients from linear robust regression model considering temporal trends in invasion costs, qualified per annual GDP among European countries
Date made available2021
  • Economic costs of invasive alien species across europe

    Haubrock, P. J., Turbelin, A. J., Cuthbert, R. N., Novoa, A., Taylor, N. G., Angulo, E., Ballesteros-Mejia, L., Bodey, T. W., Capinha, C., Diagne, C., Essl, F., Golivets, M., Kirichenko, N., Kourantidou, M., Leroy, B., Renault, D., Verbrugge, L. & Courchamp, F., 29 Jul 2021, In: NeoBiota. 67, p. 153-190 38 p.

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