Top 100 SNPs associated with schizophrenia.

  • Caroline Margaret Crombie (Contributor)
  • David Malcolm St Clair (Contributor)
  • Gillian Fraser (Contributor)



Displayed are: (1) rs# for the top 100 SNPs; (2) combined p value in Munich and Aberdeen discovery cohorts; (3) p value in the second independent cohort; (4) Combined p value in discovery and replication cohorts using Stouffer's method [60]; (5) odds ratio; (6) minor allele frequency in patients; (7) minor allele frequency in controls; (8) chromosome; (9) chromosomal position; (10) a description of the relative position of the SNP in the closest gene; (11) major and minor alleles; (12) the symbol of the closest gene; and (13) distance to the closest gene.
Date made available6 Feb 2009
Date of data production6 Feb 2009
  • A genome-wide investigation of SNPs and CNVs in schizophrenia

    Need, A. C., Ge, D., Weale, M. E., Maia, J., Feng, S., Heinzen, E. L., Shianna, K. V., Yoon, W., Kasperaviciute, D., Gennarelli, M., Strittmatter, W. J., Bonvicini, C., Rossi, G., Jayathilake, K., Cola, P. A., McEvoy, J. P., Keefe, R. S. E., Fisher, E. M. C., St Jean, P. L., Giegling, I., & 13 othersHartmann, A. M., Möller, H-J., Ruppert, A., Fraser, G., Crombie, C., Middleton, L. T., St Clair, D., Roses, A. D., Muglia, P., Francks, C., Rujescu, D., Meltzer, H. Y. & Goldstein, D. B., 6 Feb 2009, In: PLoS Genetics. 5, 2, 19 p., e1000373.

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